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ISTQB® Training Course

Are you looking for an internationally recognized certification in software testing?
Delivered by top experts in the testing industry in Vietnam, the TESTINGVN Training Center provides training programs which prepare for the ISTQB® certification exams.

Participants will be able to apply test strategies and control their own test activities using a test methodology that is globally recognized as the best practice. When becoming an ISTQB® certified software tester, you will have essential skills and knowledge needed to work as a testing professional.

Our depth in permanent staffs, real-world experience, emphasis on continual staff training and knowledge bank of repeatable process are the fundamentals underpinning our ability to provide a full range of software testing services, including testing consultancy as well as testing training.

Recognized internationally the certificate is considered the industry standard, professional qualification in software testing and is a prerequisite to gaining advanced ISTQB® accreditation. ISTQB®, a non-proprietary organization, has granted over 380,000 certifications in over 100 countries around the world.

TESTINGVN Training Center is proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It’s part of our commitment to provide you with the highest quality education and training products.

Benefits that you gain in this course.

The following is the ISTQB® syllabus.

I. Real-world experience

  • Real-world experience
  • Complex system testing
  • Pairwise testing
  • Performance testing vs Load testing vs Stress testing
  • Test design techniques
  • Test management skills
  • Skills for the ISTQB® certification exams
  • II. ISTQB® syllabus

    1 Fundamentals of testing

    1.1 Why is testing necessary?
    1.2 What is testing?
    1.3 Testing principles
    1.4 Fundamental test process
    1.5 The psychology of testing

    2 Testing throughout the software life cycle

    2.1 Software development models
    2.2 Test levels
    2.3 Test types: the targets of testing
    2.4 Maintenance testing

    3 Static techniques

    3.1 Reviews and the test process
    3.2 Review process
    3.3 Static analysis by tools

    4 Test design techniques

    4.1 Identifying test conditions and designing test cases
    4.2 Categories of test design techniques
    4.3 Specification-based or black-box techniques
    4.4 Structure-based or white-box techniques
    4.5 Experience-based techniques
    4.6 Choosing a test technique

    5 Test management

    5.1 Test organization
    5.2 Test plans, estimates, and strategies
    5.3 Test progress monitoring and control
    5.4 Configuration management
    5.5 Risk and testing
    5.6 Incident management

    6 Tool support for testing

    6.1 Types of test tool
    6.2 Effective use of tools: Potential benefits and
    6.3 Introducing a tool into an organization

    7. ISTQB Exam Dump

    8. Preparation ISTQB® certification exams

    Here are the course schedule Học ISTQB.